Three Pillars of a Successful Digital Strategy

Tagit helps you build next generation digital solutions by incorporating innovation, a superior user experience and robust technology as core pillars of your mobile strategy



Mobile Applications offer enterprises the opportunity to engage and offer new innovative services to their customer that are not possible through traditional physical establishments and online channels.


User Experience

UX is core to any mobile strategy and goes beyond just the User Interface Design. Successful mobile applications deliver a User Experience that is both intuitive and engaging – driving the user to do more with the application.



As new technologies evolve in ever faster cycles, and with an explosion of new mobile devices rapidly coming to market, a robust technology stack lays the foundation for a successful mobile strategy.

Everything You Need

Tagit provides the best-in-class solutions for all your mobility needs

Effortless Development

Equipped with an intuitive Unified Mobility WYSWYG mobility editor, our platform empowers developers to rapidly configure mobile UI screens via a drag and drop interface, preview them across multiple platforms and deploy them to multiple channels (native clients and mobile web), all major platforms and multiple devices.

Effortless development with Tagit's mobeix platform

Dead serious about security

Mobeix has an enterprise grade security model, covering both mobile and middleware components, that enables secure transactions across different devices, mobile operating systems and mobile channels. It incorporates end-to-end transport security, data encryption, and multi factor authentication enabling financial institutions to offer secure transaction-based services to their customers. Mobeix has been audited and found to be in compliance with requirements of PA-DSS Version 2.0.

Mobeix is PA-DSS certified

No two organizations are the same

At Tagit we understand that no two organizations are the same. We work closely with our clients as a trusted partner to advise, develop and deliver a unique mobile application. Learn more about how our clients have built award winning mobile applications here.

Tagit mobile banking app

Smart or Feature Phones? We got them covered

Even with the rapid growth of smart phones, feature phones still form a significant part of the global installed based of mobile devices. Tagit’s Mobeix™ platform covers all the latest smart phones, and enables your mobility offerings to be feature-phone inclusive.

Tagit’s Mobeix platform covers all the latest smart phones

Trusted by the World's Best Enterprises

Tagit is trusted by leading organizations and enterprises to realize their mobile strategy

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